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How it Works
For Chore Posters
Step One : Describe what you need done
Post your chore by describing what you need done. It's FREE and it takes only a few minutes.
Step Two : Receive offers and assign chore
Select the best person for your chore by viewing profiles and reviews of those who submit offers.
Step Three : Chore completed
Once the chore is completed you pay the chore doer and leave your feedback about the person.
Advantages for chore posters
  • Posting your chore is fast, easy and 100% free. As a chore poster you never have to pay any fees for using Chores. We charge the chore doer a small success fee once they are assigned a chore.
  • You're always in full control of your chores and are not obligated to accept any offer you receive.
  • Enjoy price & quality certainty on a transparent platform. You should only accept an offer after you're completely satisfied with the offered amount and the doer's profile & feedbacks. You should also only pay the doer once the chore has been completed to your satisfaction.
  • There's no need to track down people who can do your chore within your timeframe and budget. Simply post your chore at Chores and let keen chore doers make attractive offers for you to consider.
  • Chores is meant to make your life easier by saving you time, money and hassles. You can hire the best chore doer based on your budget, schedule and the need for quality.
  • Chores cover virtually all major service categories so you are sure to get all your chores done in an efficient manner.
  • Chores also has all areas in New Zealand covered. So it doesn't matter where you live you can post your chore and start getting offers from interested chore doers from your area.
For Chore Doers
Step One : Find chores you're willing to do
Browse through the desired categories in your region to find chores you're interested in doing.
Step Two : Submit your offer
Once you've found a chore you're willing to do, you can submit your offer via the chore page.
Step Three : Complete chore
If your offer is accepted, you complete the chore and get paid by the chore poster.
Advantages for chore doers
  • Chores lets you enjoy a cost effective risk-free way of making more money. You don't pay anything upfront and we only take a small success fee when your offer is accepted and the chore gets assigned to you.
  • You get the flexibility of choosing which chores you'd like to pursue depending on your own schedule, availability and skill set.
  • Chores is 100% market-driven so everyone gets the same opportunity to secure jobs.
  • You can properly qualify chores by asking questions on the chore page or even request to view complex chores before submitting your offer.
  • Grow your business by building your feedback and ratings on a fair and transparent platform. Chores is a local Kiwi business and just like you we highly value the principles of fairness, honesty and integrity.
  • With virtually all major service categories and areas covered, you're bound to find chores that suit your skill level and ability.
  • Whether you'd like to make extra money part time or generate a full time income, Chores can help you secure more jobs to help you increase your cash flow.