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facebook link share competition
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Closes 31 Oct
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Share your link and you could win $200, $100 or $50 for just 30 seconds of your time.
Prizes:   1st = $200       2nd = $100       3rd = $50
Get started
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Copy and paste your unique link on your facebook wall and encourage your friends to join Chores.

Below are a few examples on how to share your unique link. You can copy and paste one of the examples or create your own. Please try not to make your post look like a blatant promotion. Instead make it sound like a sincere share of a great and useful site.
Well this is very handy.
Finally I can get all my chores done at my agreed price.
House cleaning, lawns, handyman stuff and even get help if I hold a party.
Very useful site.
Your unique link
WOW, love this site!
I can get all my chores done at the price I agree to.
House cleaning, lawns, handyman stuff and even get help if I hold a party.
See for yourself.
Your unique link
This is a great site!
Finally an easy way to get all my chores done at my agreed price.
House cleaning, lawns, handyman stuff and even get help if I hold a party.
Check it out.
Your unique link
Wow, this site is just like TradeMe but for services
You list your chore & price. Receive offers from keen doers.
Select the best offer and get it done. Could not get any easier!
Check it out.
Your unique link
How it works
You share your unique link on your facebook wall. Once a person clicks on your link, they will end up at Chores homepage. Your link has your unique Id number and our site will instantly make a record of your referral in that person's browser.

When the person registers at Chores, we will know that you referred that person. Our site will then add that referral to your tally of people referred for that month.

Even if the person doesn't register in their first visit, your referral record will remain in their browser until they do register. And when they do register, that referral will be added to your referral tally for the month they register.

You can see how many members you have referred for the month by viewing your highlighted record in the ranking table at the top of this page (you must be logged in to see your record).

The member with the most referrals for the month wins $200. Member with the second most referrals wins $100. The member with the third most referrals wins $50.

So get started now. It will barely take 30 seconds to share your link and your friends will thank you for making them aware of such a useful website.
Only New Zealand residents are allowed to join Chores. We have a system in place to ensure only people located within New Zealand are able to register at Chores.
A person is only allowed to register once at Chores. We track IP addresses for security purposes and a member registering more than once will trigger an alert to the site admin.
Please only share your link with your facebook friends via your own wall. Do not spam other people's facebook walls or other facebook pages.
In cases where two or more competitors end up having the same ranking, the prize goes to the competitor who reached that rank first. The ranking table displays in that order by default.
Winners are paid in cash directly into their bank account. If you win we will contact you by email to pay your winning.