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A bit about us
A vibrant team based in Mangere Bridge while servicing all of New Zealand.
7 Facts About Us
We love pets
Support the SPCA
Love Spongebob
Like to help people
Enjoy rugby
Simplicity is best
Technology rocks
Mangere Bridge
Our Mission
To create an efficient and transparent service marketplace where ordinary New Zealanders feel comfortable dealing with each other. A platform where people can get things done quickly at a cost effective price. Where people doing the chores get rewarded for their effort and people getting the chores done are happy with the result.

New Zealanders are no strangers to online trading. Our main auction site accounts for more than half of all our local Internet traffic. But the service market segment has been left lagging. With over a dozen launches in this niche over the past 6 years, none have gained enough traction.

With no external funding or external expertise, we at Chores plan to change the tide in this niche once and for all. And why shouldn't we try? After all it's one of our greatest heroes who once said...

"People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things." -- Sir Edmund Hillary

Yes, we can be the first to conquer this market segment. But we need New Zealanders like you to join, post a chore or do a chore. It will be great for all of New Zealand's economy, your future. It all starts from your simple chore, the first step. Just like the first step Sir Edmund Hillary took to conquer the massive chore of being the first person to reach the summit of Mount Everest.

Our Difference
We believe a website's main aim is to be useful and intuitive. A website should be easy to use and completely centered around its main users. Many sites focus way too much time on creating that unique logo or finding that perfect picture for their homepage. We at Chores are not that interested in such design elements. We know our users could care less about how good our logo looked or the sort of graphic we used on our homepage. So we've spent most of our time making our site helpful to our users in a meaningful way.

We've carefully crafted 12 major service categories and 618 sub categories to cover the things the average New Zealander would most likely want done. Then we've carefully designed each page to ensure they're all easy to navigate. We've also made sure the business model is sound so that trust can be fostered between chore posters and chore doers. Our transparent feedback and rating system takes care of that.

Most importantly we want to ensure that everybody gets a great deal from every chore that gets assigned at Chores. So get started now. If you have a chore that needs doing, post it now. If you're keen on earning an income then start making offers at chores that suit your skill set. You have nothing to lose and a whole lot of mutually satisfying transactions to enjoy.